The House of Mali works to promote basic education and offer training so that they are able to have access to employment or offer the tools needed to be entrepreneurs and initiate their own projects.



Since 2008, with the Association for the Development of Djélibani (AD2), we have implemented within the global program these following programs emphasising formation and employment:

  • Agricultural workshops on how to make compost.
  • Entrepreneurship workshops on how to sell excess products in the markets.
  • Artistry workshops  provide a space with the necessary tools so that Malians could develop this activity.
  • Recycling workshops provide a space where product wastes are classified on how the community can reuse them.
  • Workshops on brick making: space to obtain clay bricks of different dimensions. The workshop has the necessary tools to obtain them.


Since 2019 we collaborated with an orphanage of 60 teenage women in Bamako, The Association d’Appui à la Scolarisation de Filles “Jgiya Bon” (A.S.F.), with the following projects:

  • Creation of a garden for the women and agricultural workshops with the end goal that they be capable of producing and selling their own produce.
  • Nursing training for these women so that they may work in this industry upon completion.
  • Seamstress workshops purchase sewing machines and textile materials. As a result of COVID-19, these women are fabricating masks to guarantee the protection and security of their community.


The House of Mali implemented a formation project in different trades for the Malian residents in Cataluña with the end goal to further develop these trades.

Three contracts were signed with Catalan businesses within the agriculture and food sectors situated in Sant Jaume (Deltebre). The creation of employment started through the hiring of 4 Malians that found themselves unemployed for more than a year. To achieve this objective, we signed a collaboration agreement with the propiateries of 2 large agricultural farms where, aside from working, these individuals also receive formation.

The House of Mali, in collaboration with the TriniJove Foundation, has designed a program to train young Malian residents in Cataluña within trades related to: hostlery, agriculture, construction, forging and wood. The principal objective is that once these individuals receive formation and the corresponding diploma, they are able to access employment in Mali. This is in collaboration with ANPE and the Ministry of Employment and Professional Development. With this, we achieve the diminishment of emigration out of necessity or if the individual wants to return to their country they have good training and professions.

We also collaborated with The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in an informative seminary regarding the opportunity for business that Mali has to offer Catalan businesses.