Housing in The Djélibani Village

The House of Mali has supported the construction of houses for the community project. These are permanent houses where nuclear families are established based on traditional African households formed by:

  • 5-6 houses per nuclear household.
  • Central space for cooking, eating, conjugating.
  • Communal services between various nuclear households: water well, bathrooms and showers. Sanitary services such as a small clinic. There is also a small administration, communal dining space and kitchen. The construction of a library for children and adults is planned, as well as a sports space and nursery.

The House of Mali is currently working  towards developing the construction of 4 houses to be able to house future professors since some professors don’t have homes that guarantee their comfort and can then be motivated to complete their tasks. They currently live in homes that have been provided by the village, though they don’t have adequate conditions. In our project we contemplated constructing homes of 20m2 for each professor, connected in a shared garden, with latrine services and showers outside of the house.

These homes would be temporary for trainers, hard workers and visitors during the duration of the project. These consists of:

  • Bedroom with a bathroom for trainers and workers
  • Communal services